Social Investment and Impact
Case Studies and Trends in Latin America

The value of this report for the region is key. Learning what is being done right is important for all actors to connect".

Luisa Mariana Pulido
Executive Vice-President
Fundación Eugenio Mendoza, Venezuela

This report presents a first view of the investing for impact ecosystem in Latin America, in which different actors related to strategic philanthropy, social investment, and impact investment are linked.

It documents how impact investors, foundations, universities, businesses, family offices, and intermediaries apply an investing for impact approach.


Understanding the state of the art of investing for impact in Latin America allows us to see its evolution".

Daniela Konietzko
Fundación WWB, Colombia

This qualitative report is based on secondary research, as well as a wide range of interviews with regional experts in philanthropy, social investment and impact investment.


The report includes 37 documented case studies from a total of 120 initiatives identified by the consultants and the committee of experts. Some of the criteria considered for their selection included financial sustainability, social innovation, replicability potential, and silo representation.

The study outlines a potential workplan for strengthening the ecosystem”.

Lina María Montoya
Executive Director
Fundación Bancolombia

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